Aflame Computer Accessories is a unique named supplier company established in 2018 providing various kinds of quality products related to computer and computer operations. The company is trying to launch a new method of supplying products that will ensure good quality products and consumers satisfactions. The goal is to achieve profit for owner and ensure customer service as they can remember us as the best reliable computer and computer accessories supplier.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to offer some world standard quality computer product that will be unique from other local computer accessories, must be durable and enhance computer performance. Aflame Computer Accessories trying to reach ordered product on time including cash on home delivery. We give priority the people who are related to computer, real computer fans and officials.

Our Vision

The vision of our company is to increase financial ability, product growth, raise reputation among with owner, staff and customers and increase company product and inventory based on customers demand related to computer and computer accessories.

Product Quality

After importing our products, we test all of them and present to customers for sale. So, our effort is to give up some good quality products as if we can get preference for the next time. On the other hand, as the products are electric, so it is difficult to ensure about 100% efficacy of it. So, if it makes any kind of unexpected problem or proved as damaged product, we highly request to inform us as soon as possible for recovering the problem. As Aflame Computer Accessories offer product warranty so we can replace the product as per company policy. We really don’t hesitate to support the customers and try to receive their complain or advice as soon as possible.

Product Based Warranty

At present, we are offering RAM, BLUTOOTH SPEAKER, WINDOWS KEY (WIN 7,8,10), SSD, PROCESSOR and COMPUTER. We are selling our products through online. As, online based selling saves time, if anyone who wants to buy something highly encouraged to order online and we are committed to provide ordered product within a short time. We also assure our product warrantee and some of the cases guarantee.

Freindly Communication

Aflame Computer Accessories offer good and smooth communication system including E-mail, online chat and contact number. During office hours, we give all types of support to our customers about our products without any irritating inconvenience. The target of us is to make a friendship with our customers for the future time where they will recall for a new product. We ensure product warranty with fidelity as we can lead our business for a long time and to present us differently in the market. So, we claim your help, co-operation and support to run the business following a good pathway which will enhance our trends to show up new products in front of the customers.